Work tracking

  • Track time & effort with GPS location
  • Collect pictures of work scenes
  • Scheduling & reports of workload & absences

The Work Recorder

  • Breaks
  • Adding pictures
  • Clarifying completed work units
Handy for registering work time and documenting progress. Works in all conditions.

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GPS positions

It is possible to require employees to prove their location by GPS positioning If desired, mandatory locations for work time tracking can be configured - for an example 200 meters within a construction site.

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GPS Positions

Alternative methods for work time registration

Calling number +372 880 70 60

Toll free number, but caller's service provider might have additional charges.

NFC access cards

We offer our own proprietary hardware and can integrate with an existing system.

Fingerprint & face recognition

For face and fingerprint recognition we recommend Suprema devices.

Work Schedule

  • Full-time, part-time, fixed-term and zero hour contracts
  • Vacations, sick leaves and other absences
  • Approval process
Overview of workloads, absence management and work log approval for salary payment calculations. If desired, print and hang work schedule to your office wall.

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  • Periods
  • Employees & teams
  • Projects & tasks
Sort and filter as you please, results can also be exported to MS Excel.

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Work without Internet access - automatic data sync

Your data is encrypted & back-up-ed

Active & helpful support

Our clients

Companies & teams from various construction-related fields: general construction, electrical work, production and filling of reinforced concrete elements, production and installation of doors and windows, maintenance services.

  • Every evening men document their progress with pictures and mark down how much concrete they have poured. Just super.

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